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Каким местоимением можно заменить слово dragon

Каким местоимением можно заменить слово chimps?

Palace square is the main square of St. Petersburg, the architectural ensemble of which was formed in the second half of the XVIII — first half of the XIX century. The name of the square gave the Winter Palace, the southern facade overlooking the square. The phenomenon of the Russian estate, showing the scope of our Slavic soul is a gigantic stables that for its size, decoration and architecture is more similar to a completely independent Palace complexes or estates.

1.He was a complete_stranger____(someone you don’t know)

2.We get on well because we__have much in___common.(share similar interests).

3.She is__a native___ Spanish. (speaks very well)/

4.Could you __resend__ the message to me? ( send the message you received)’

5.I pressed the wrong button and_delete_ the file by mistake.(destroyed/erased).

6.I haven’t seen Ali for a __couple__ of months.(two).

7.We’re staying in their house for a_while___ .(some time-not specific).

8.Mike_keeps on___smoking even when he felt ill.(continue).

Every person has his own idea of a perfect house.

I usually have two or three meals a day on weekdays and four meals on my day off. I don’t often have an opportunity to have a dinner when I’m at school. My meals are: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper or tea.

Some of my friends have a snack rather than a meal in the morning. But my breakfast is a full meal and I have it at 7 o’clock. It is usually bacon and eggs. Afterwards come sandwiches with butter and cheese or sausages, or sometimes jam. Then I drink tea or coffee.

I have lunch at about 12 o’clock. It starts with fruit juice. Then I have a vegetable salad and sandwiches again or pies with tea.

Dinner is at three or four o’clock. For dinner I have soup or borsch for starter, and meat or fish with a lot of vegetables for main course. For dessert I often have stewed fruit or jelly.

And at last supper. It is at seven or eight. My mother usually cooks fried fish and mashed potatoes, beefsteak and omelette. And salads, of course. Then I prefer a glass of warm milk with biscuits. Sometimes before going to bed I drink orange juice or eat an apple.

Как правило, я кушаю два или три раза в день по будням и четыре раза по выходным. Я не часто имею возможность пообедать, когда я в школе. Мои приёмы пищи таковы: завтрак, ланч, обед и ужин или чай.

Утром многие из моих друзей перекусывают, а не едят полноценно. Но мой завтрак- полценный приём пищи. Я завтракаю в 7 часов. Как правило, это бекон и яйца. Затем бутерброды с маслом и сыром или колбасой, а иногда и вареньем. Потом я пью чай или кофе.

Ланч у меня около 12 часов. Он начинается фруктовым соком. Затем я ем овощной салат и бутерброды или пироги с чаем.

Обед в три или четыре часа. На обед у меня суп или борщ для начала, и мясо или рыба с большим количеством овощей в качестве основного блюда. На десерт я часто пью компот или кисель.

И, наконец, ужин в семь или восемь. Моя мама обычно готовит жареную рыбу и картофельное пюре, бифштекс или омлет. И салаты, конечно. Затем я предпочитаю стакан теплого молока с печеньем. Иногда перед сном я пью апельсиновый сок или ем яблоко.

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Каким местоимением можно заменить слово Flowers​

Blossom – цветок, Bloom – цветение, floret – цветочек

My favourite school subject is English. It is very popular in Russia. I learn English at school. At the lessons we read, write, listen to the cassettes, play games, sing songs. My favourite song is “On the farm”. We have English three times a week: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I am good at English, because I work hard. At the lessons I listen to my teacher, and at home I write new words on the little cards and look through them every evening before I go to sleep. Learning English is not an easy thing, but I hope that in the future I`ll speak English fluently.
It is necessary to know English. It is a world language. I learn English because I understand that I can use it. For example, if I go to Great Britain, I`ll be able to speak English there. I want to visit London very much and see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St Paul`s Cathedral, the Tower of London and the other famous sights.
I like reading books. It is interesting to read books of English and American writers in the original. My favourite book is `The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. I like to watch cartoons in English.
I think knowledge of English helps young people of different countries to understand each other.

2 Mrs Brown was having her hair styled by the hairdresser.

3 She had the shopping carried to the house by her son.

4 Dad is going to have the grass cut.

5 They used to have the house cleaned by a cleaner.

6 Did Paul have his motorbike repaired by the mechanic?

7 The boss had the letter typed by his assistant.

8 Joe had the dripping tap fixed by a plumber.

9 Have you had some photo-copies made by the secretary?

10 Tom was having his lunch cooked by the chef.

11 Did you have the sofa delivered to you by the shop?

12 I had my purse stolen last Friday.

13 Did you have your house decorated by a painter?

14 Adam is having a new roof put on his house by the builders at the moment.

15 She had the silver polished by the maid.

16 The man had his luggage taken to his room by the porter.

17 Did you have the flowers arranged for you?

18 When will you have your glasses made?

19 I had my party catered for by a professional.

20 Did you have the chimney swept?

21 She had the shopping done by him.

22 They had their house burgled last night.

23 He had the fence built by a carpenter.

24 Julie has all her clothes ironed by her housekeeper.

25 He had his shop’s windows smashed in the riot.

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