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Возвратные местоимения в английском языке упражнения с ответами

Возвратные местоимения в английском языке. Упражнения

Сегодня попрактикуем возвратные местоимения в английском языке. Следующие reflexive pronouns exercises предлагаются с ответами, которые Вы найдете в конце статьи. Перед выполнением упражнений на возвратные местоимения, обратите внимание на таблицу употребления Reflexive Pronouns.

Reflexive Pronouns exercises

Упражнение 1. Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns.

Example The water is hot, don’t burn __________. The water is hot, don’t burn yourself.

  1. I am angry with __________.
  2. He fell down and hurt __________.
  3. Tell me more about __________.
  4. She believes in __________.
  5. We are sure of __________.
  6. They did everything __________.
  7. Did you translate the text __________.
  8. I saw everything __________.
  9. The knife was sharp, and she cut __________.
  10. They introduced __________.

Упражнение 2. Complete the sentences with reflexive pronouns.

  1. Can you do many things _________?
  2. Does your friend Nick often talk to you about _________?
  3. Did your mother buy anything for _________ last week?
  4. Are you always sure of _________?
  5. Can a little child take care of _________?
  6. Do you believe in _________?
  7. Did the pupils answer all the questions _________?
  8. Did you make the dress ______________ .

Упражнение 3. There are mistakes in the use of reflexive pronouns in some of these sentences. Find the mistakes and correct them.

  1. My sister taught himself to swim.
  2. Anna repaired the chair herself.
  3. The children are making themselves something to eat.
  4. I hurt me when I fell down the stairs.
  5. We’re meeting ourselves at 8.00 this evening.
  6. We’re enjoying ourselves very much.

Упражнение 4. Answer the questions. Say that the people have done these things themselves.

Example: Who bought that book for him? He bought it himself

  1. who cooked your breakfast this morning?
  2. who helped them to translate the text?
  3. who helped the little girl to dress?
  4. who helped you to find the way?
  5. who cleaned your classroom?
  6. who washes your clothes?
  7. who broke his tape-recorder?
  8. who built their house?
  9. who helped her to do maths?
  10. who planted the garden in front of your house?

Упражнение 5. Complete the utterances using the word combination enjoy oneself (oneselves).

  1. My brother usually spends his holidays in holiday camps, and he always ____________.
  2. We ____________ in the country last weekend.
  3. I’m ____________
  4. We were at a concert yesterday. — ____________ you ____________?
  5. The Parkers went on a picnic on Sunday. They say they ____________ very much.
  6. My sister spent her holidays in Spain. She ____________.

Упражнение 6. Complete the sentences using reflexive pronouns myself.

  1. You see you’ve cut ___________ again. Be more careful.
  2. I think that poor dog hurt
  3. He came into the room and introduced ___________
  4. We didn’t know where to hide ___________
  5. She is very sure of ___________
  6. Children, you can’t do that ___________
  7. They always speak only about ___________
  8. We should always believe in ___________
  9. Babies cannot look after ___________
  10. I tried to control ___________

Упражнение 7. Заполните пропуски возвратными местоимениями, где это необходимо.

  1. All our friends enjoyed ______ at his birthday party.
  2. Polly and Nancy, help ______ to sweets and juice.
  3. They haven’t decided yet where they’d meet
  4. She got up, washed ___________ and left the house without disturbing anyone.
  5. Relax ______ when you dance.
  6. Who went with her?-Nobody. She went by
  7. He feels ______ not well today
  8. We didn’t know who that young guy was. He didn’t introduce
  9. It’s windy, you may catch cold ______
  10. «Children, take the towel and dry
  11. I often speak to ______ when I’m in bad mood and alone
  12. Concentrate ______ if you don’t want to fail your exam.
  13. Little Polly is only two but she can dress ______
  14. I’m not angry with him. I’m angry with ______
  15. They never think about other people. They only think about ______
  16. Let’s hide ______ under that tree. The rain is so heavy
  17. Put a sheet of paper before _________ imagine a nice landscape and draw.
  18. Don’t take him to the party. He’ll spoil everything __________.

Упражнение 8. In these sentences, you have to write-selves or each other.

  1. Look at_____________! Your face is dirty
  2. How long have Tom and Ann known ______________?
  3. At Christmas friends often give ___________ presents.
  4. I enjoyed ___________ very much at the party.
  5. Jack and Jill are very happy together. They love ___________ very much.
  6. She has no reason to blame ___________
  7. I think this poor dog has hurt ___________

Answers to Reflexive pronouns exercises.

1 myself, 2 himself, 3 yourself, 4 herself, 5 ourselves, 6 themselves, 7 yourself, 8 myself, 9 herself, 10 themselves

1 yourself, 2 himself, 3 herself, 4 yourself, 5 himself, 6 yourself, 7 themselves, 8 yourself

1 himself -> herself, 2 correct, 3 correct, 4 me -> myself, 5 ourselves не нужно, 6 correct.

  1. I cooked it myself.
  2. They translated it themselves.
  3. She dressed herself.
  4. I found it myself.
  5. We cleaned it ourselves.
  6. I washed my clothes myself.
  7. He broke it himself.
  8. They built it themselves.
  9. She did it herself.
  10. I planted it myself.

enjoys himself, 2 enjoyed ourselves, 3 enjoying myself, 4 Did you enjoy yourseves? / Were you enjoying yourselves? 5 enjoyed themselves, 6 enjoyed herself.

1 yourself, 2 itself, 3 himself, 4 ourselves, 5 herself, 6 yourselves, 7 themselves, 8 ourselves, 9 themselves, 10 myself.

1 themselves, 2 yourselves, 3 X, 4 herself, 5 X, 6 herself, 7 X, 8 himself, 9 X, 10 yourselves, 11 myself, 12 X, 13 herself, 14 myself, 15 themselves, 16 X, 17 yourself, 18 X

1 yourself, 2 each other, 3 each other, 4 myself, 5 each other, 6 herself, itself.

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2 Комментариев для “Возвратные местоимения в английском языке. Упражнения”

Ошибка в Упр.2 Предложение 5. Согласно вашим ответам здесь нужно вставить himself.Однако, слова baby (ребенок) и child (ребенок) когда пол не важен или не известен говоря­щему соотносится в предложении с местоимением it;

Или местоимение употребляется на усмотрение говорящего, что прослеживается намного чаще в современном языке. Однако, согласна и с вашей ремаркой

Источник статьи: http://grammar-tei.com/vozvratnye-mestoimeniya-v-anglijskom-yazyke-uprazhneniya/

Упражнения “Возвратные местоимения” (с ответами)

1. Переведите следующие фразы и предложения с возвратными местоимениями.

  1. Help yourself.
  2. Enjoy yourselves.
  3. Dress yourself.
  4. I have cut myself.
  5. Don’t blame yourself.
  6. She likes to talk to herself.
  7. Kids, behave yourselves!
  8. Make yourselves comfortable.
  9. He hurt himself.
  10. Let me introduce myself.
  11. We can’t defend ourselves.
  12. Fashion often repeats itself.
  13. I taught myself to swim.
  14. They carried all their luggage themselves.
  15. We always design our clothes ourselves.

2. Поставьте в предложения подходящие возвратные местоимения myself , yourself и т.п.

Н-р: Be careful, you can cut …… (Осторожно, ты можешь порезаться.) – Be careful, you can cut yourself .

  1. Dinner is ready! Sit down and help …… to the chicken. (Ужин готов! Присаживайтесь и угощайтесь курицей.)
  2. Tom built the house …… (Том сам построил дом.)
  3. They amused …… by telling anecdotes. (Они развлекались, рассказывая анекдоты.)
  4. Kate hurt …… while she was playing volleyball. (Кейт поранилась во время игры в волейбол.)
  5. I really enjoyed …… at the seaside. (Я действительно отдохнул на море.)
  6. She has to buy …… a new blouse tomorrow. (Ей нужно купить себе новую блузку завтра.)
  7. My granny knits all her socks and scarves …… (Моя бабушка вяжет все свои носки и шарфы сама.)
  8. It’s very delicious! Did you invent the recipe ……? (Очень вкусно! Ты сама придумала рецепт?)
  9. We painted the walls of our kitchen …… (Мы сами покрасили стены нашей кухни.)
  10. He chose the car …… (Он сам выбрал машину.)
  11. They were proud of …… (Они гордились собой.)
  12. We wished …… good luck before the exam. (Мы пожелали себе удачи перед экзаменом.)
  13. They devoted …… to their children. (Они посвятили себя своим детям.)
  14. In my dreams I often see …… on a beautiful island. (В своих снах я часто вижу себя на красивом острове.)
  15. The pirate found …… in a strange place. (Пират оказался в странном месте.)


  1. Угощайся.
  2. Отдыхайте.
  3. Одевайся.
  4. Я порезался.
  5. Не вини себя.
  6. Она любит разговаривать сама с собой.
  7. Дети, ведите себя хорошо!
  8. Устраивайтесь поудобнее.
  9. Он поранился.
  10. Разрешите представиться.
  11. Мы не можем защитить самих себя.
  12. Мода часто повторяется.
  13. Я сам научился плавать.
  14. Они несли весь свой багаж сами.
  15. Мы всегда создаем нашу одежду сами.
  1. yourself или yourselves
  2. himself
  3. themselves
  4. herself
  5. myself
  6. herself
  7. herself
  8. yourself
  9. ourselves
  10. himself
  11. themselves
  12. ourselves
  13. themselves
  14. myself
  15. himself

Источник статьи: http://s-english.ru/uprazhneniya/reflexive-pronouns

Возвратные местоимения. Self-pronouns (упражнения, intermediate)

Это уровень 2 (intermediate) для изучающих английский язык . Знать возвратные местоимения в английском языке необходимо для понимания аутентичных текстов и, конечно, идеального знания английского языка. В этом уроке мы займемся практикой и будем выполнять упражнения. Упражнения взяты из разных источников и немного переделаны. Если вы подзабыли эту тему, то повторите английские возвратные местоимения (основные сведения)

Возвратные местоимения. Self-pronouns (упражнения, intermediate)

Упражнение 1. Переведите на русский язык.

1. The little John opened the door himself.
2. I can’t translate the article myself .
3. They should blame themselves for the failure.
5. I hope you will both enjoy yourselves.
6. My father can set the equipment himself.
7. The lonely child was sitting on the bench and talking to himself.
8. Nobody wants to go with me, so I’ll go by myself.
9. Buy me some fruit and take some for yourself.
10. The old lady lived by herself in her old house.

Упражнение 2. Переведите на английский язык.

  1. Ей 4 года и она может одеваться сама.
  2. Каждое утро он мылся холодной водой.
  3. Я могу сама испечь пироги.
  4. Он сам приготовил ужин.
  5. Ты уже не маленький и можешь сам застилать кровать.
  6. Давайте уберем комнату сами.
  7. Мы пошли в магазин, чтобы купить себе продукты.
  8. Она упала и порезалась о разбитое стекло.

Упражнение 3. Вставьте пропущенные возвратные местоимения.

1. How did the children amuse….. this afternoon?

2. When you all have had a swim, you should dry …. with towels.

5. All the people in the meeting introduced …… to us.

6. I hope the children behaved……

7. My dad cut…. while shaving yesterday.

8. We had lovely holidays in Paris and enjoyed ….. very much.

9. You mustn’t blame ….. for the accident.

10. Don’t worry about the dog. It can look after ………

Упражнение 4. Вставьте пропущенные слова.

  1. Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don’t ……. (обожгись)
  2. It isn’t her fault. She really shouldn’t…….. (винить себя)
  3. The boy was lucky when he fell off the stairs. He didn’t ….. (ушибся).
  4. 5. It was a lovely holiday. We really …….. very much. (наслаждаться)
  5. I really ……………….. well today – much better than yesterday. (чувствую себя)
  6. He spends a lot of time alone, so it’s not surprising that he……. (говорит сам с собою)

Упражнение 5. Вставьте пропущенные возвратные местоимения, где нужно.

  1. dry — вытирать
  2. concentrate — сосредоточиться
  3. meet — познакомиться, встретиться
  4. relax — расслабиться
  5. shave — бриться

1. He went out of the pool, picked up a towel and ……. (вытерся)
2. I tried to study but I just couldn’t ……. (сосредоточится)
3. Jack and I first………. at the party five years ago.
4. You’re always rushing about. Why don’t you …….
5. I overslept last night. I didn’t have time to ……………………. or have breakfast.

Упражнение 6. Переведите на английский язык.
1. Я сам перевел этот текст.
2. Вы сами можете сделать эту работу?
3. Я сам поведу машину.
4. Очень скоро Джейн оказалась одна в комнате. (оказаться- find oneself)
5. Дик купил себе перчатки.
6. Он никогда ничего не рассказывал о себе. (speak about)
7. Мне не пришлось помогать Джону. Он сделал все сам.
8. Вскоре она очутилась перед старым деревом.
9. Утром он встал, оделся, умылся и вышел в сад.
10. Мне помочь вам или вы все сделаете сами?

Упражнение 7. Вставьте пропущенные возвратные местоимения или each other.

  • Tom and Ann stood in front of the mirror and looked at themselves.
  • Tom and Ann looked at each other.

1. At Christmas friends often give ……. presents.
2. Did the children enjoy …….. when they were on holiday?
3. Jack and Jill are very happy together. They love ….. very much.
4. They had an argument last week. They are still not speaking to …..
5. Some people are very selfish. They only think of……. .
6. Nora and I don’t see……. very often these days.

Упражнение 8. Закончите предложения, вставив пропущенные местоимения.

1. Who repaired the bicycle for you? – Nobody. I repaired …
2. Who cut your hair? – Nobody. I cut ……
3. Who told you that Linda was getting married?- Linda….
5. Can you clean the windows for me? – Why don’t you clean …. ?

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